Read Before Buying!


Read Before Buying!

Hey! Welcome to OurVibesApparel! 

Before you treat yourself to some of our top notch clothing. We just wana take a minute to make a few things clear. 


We pride ourselves on not only doing the best work and designs we can, but also selecting the right materials and size options to cater to everyone. With that said, if you are not happy with your purchase (maybe you got the wrong size or something) please use the contact form provided to get in touch and we will be sure to either swap the item, or refund any issues...We're cool like that and want you to be genuinely happy with your purchase.


OurVibes isn't some big corporation, nor is it well staffed. It's just April, Cole, and a few friends who volunteer their time if and when they can. With that said we make sure every package is hand wrapped, catered to each individual with personalised notes and extras, and send off in bulk. Meaning that we do not post every order as soon as it comes through. We dedicate a lot of time doing bulk orders each week and send them off at the same time to avoid masses of trips to the post office. What we're basically saying is although we go for first class postage, it might take us a bit of time to get your package ready. Just know it's coming, and full of love <3


Hey! So you might not be a regular reader of our blog or supporter on Patreon. You may have just got here by accident or through an add. Allow me to introduce us. We are April and Cole. A couple who are obsessed with travel, coffee, and getting the most out of life. 

We created this apparel line to best represent that. We choose the clothes that we love and wear ourselves. If you want to learn way more than you already know, our website is

There you can find out all about us, see the types of content we make, read along with the blog and much more! 

We also do a weekly mailing list that is 100% free! It includes discount codes to apparel, content updates so you never miss anything, and any news we may have for you. We wont ever spam you! 

Thanks so much for your time, support and patience! we hope you love the clothing as much as we do <3

April and Cole